Save Money by Supporting your Masjid


At Selimiye Mosque we  are excited to announce our green energy initiative with Viridian Energy, a socially responsible energy company. When you choose Viridian as your energy supplier you can save money over time and do something good for the environment while still receiving the same delivery, service and billing from the utility.
Through our fundraising  initiative with Viridian you can support SELIMIYE MOSQUE  simply by enrolling for Viridian’s energy service. Every time you pay your utility bill, we receive income. You can help SELIMIYE MOSQUE without ever needing to take out your checkbook!
Our SELIMIYE MOSQUE will receive bonuses totaling up to $5,000 when we enroll 500 customers! Plus we’ll earn residual funds every month for every energy customer we refer to Viridian Energy. Go green at an affordable rate and feel great about making a difference. 

Reasons to become a Viridian customer:
       No enrollment fees
       Same reliable service
       Receive only one bill
       Flexible rate options
       20% or 100% renewable electricity 
       Affordable rates

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